The Benefits of Indoor Gardens and Why You Need the Right Windows

The Benefits of Indoor Gardens and Why You Need the Right Windows

The single most relevant aspect of home construction, at least to me, is the optimization of daylight entering the house. A house that relies too much on artificial light is just not an appealing or welcoming sight, and therefore windows are at the top of my list when I assess the aesthetic value of a house. However, there is a type of window that I absolutely die for, no matter what room they’re in: skylight windows. It’s not just the fact that these windows maximize the amount of daylight that gets into the house that gets me stimulated, though. No, what really excites me is the chance they provide to make your daily life at home healthier, more tranquil, and more aromatic. You’re probably wondering, “how can skylight windows make a home more aromatic”? The answer lies in the opportunity they provide to add something truly special to your home: an indoor garden.

In this article we will explore the benefits of indoor gardens, and how they can enhance the value of your home. The single most essential factor for maintaining a successful indoor garden is adequate sunlight, and the only way to get that into your home is by having the proper windows. Window replacement is one of our top specialties here at Premier Builders, so if an indoor garden is something you’re interested in, please give us a call so we can fulfill your window installation needs!

Health Benefits

There is no doubt that a garden incorporated inside the home has the ability to enhance the aesthetic value of the home. However, this is not the entire story! Indoor gardens provide numerous health benefits, and we will cover a few examples here. All of the health benefits listed below have been discovered through legitimate scientific research, and the vast amount of studies done on this subject have shown the health benefits from indoor gardens to be unassailable.

Amongst the countless studies pertaining to the health benefits of indoor gardens, there is evidence that indoor gardens have the ability to decrease your blood pressure, help you sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, improve your mood, and even induce feelings of calmness. All of these benefits seem to be stemming from the fact that the presence of plants in the home increases the concentration of oxygen in the household. This makes plenty of sense, as oxygen is one of the most vital elements to our survival, and is also a byproduct of plants’ photosynthetic abilities. However, some of the most personally fascinating health benefits conveyed by indoor gardens, while having everything to do with the air, actually have little to do with oxygen.

Some plants that I find to be of great interest, both for their natural ability to thrive indoors, as well as their health benefits, actually clean the air. For example, the Dragon Tree, a must-have plant for any indoor garden for its aesthetic beauty alone, has been proven to actually be able to remove the chemicals associated with cigarette smoke from the air! If you happen to be a smoker, this is not only enormously beneficial for your health, but for the health of your home as well. Cigarette smoke has the undesirable ability to cause your drywall to degrade and develop some very ugly stains. Another fascinating plant that is not only gorgeous, but also perfect for an indoor garden, especially one incorporated into the bathroom, is the Peace Lily. This incredible plant has actually been shown to remove mold from the air!

There are so many different kinds of plants that thrive indoors, all with unique properties, and most probably having some kind of added health benefit. Regardless of the species you end up choosing, any plants in any indoor garden are bound to increase your health as a result of the benefits listed above.

Noise Reduction and Aroma Enhancement:

Noise Reduction and Aroma Enhancement: premiere Builders

With granite countertops, laminated flooring, and the incorporation of concrete becoming more and more common in modern home design, homes are becoming more prone to loud noises producing a lot of echoes. While these elements of modern home design are certainly beautiful, the added layer of noise they bring along can be a bit stressful. However, this serves as a perfect opportunity to utilize the stress-reducing qualities of indoor gardens in an unsuspected way!

Indoor gardens have actually been shown to be able to reduce the overall amount of noise inside a house. Plants grown indoors coincidentally have the ability to intercept sound waves and absorb them, which creates a muffling effect. This is great news for anyone incorporating any of these modern design features into their home (all of which are things we provide here at Premier Builders). With an indoor garden, not only will your home look better, but it will sound and smell better too! The ability of indoor gardens to enhance the aroma of your household is unquestionable, especially to anyone who just loves the smell of fresh, green leaves. However, just imagine the possibilities when you choose to grow plants like basil, rosemary, thyme, or any other kind of aromatic herb. Also, when spring comes around and flowering plants begin to bloom, your home will be filled with intoxicating floral scents that will make you never want to leave.


To recap, and to re-emphasize their importance, an indoor garden cannot function properly without the right type of windows. This crucial factor cannot be understated, so if you are somebody who really desires an indoor garden, please know how important this aspect will be to your success. Here at Premier Builders, we specialize in all kinds of window replacements. Whether it is floor to ceiling, or a skylight, or installing a window where one never existed before, we can do it all. We really want your indoor garden to be successful, so please give us a call and see what we can do for you. And don’t forget! Our estimates are provided totally free of charge!