These 5 Tips Will Make Your Small Bathroom Feel Bigger

Bigger Bathroom tips premiere builders

When it comes to being comfortable in our homes, an often overlooked area is the bathroom. The truth is, bathrooms are a personal sanctuary of sorts A place where we go at the end of a stressful day to clean and refresh. However, a small space can make finding comfort in your bathroom a challenge. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. With a few easy design tricks, you can make the most out of your small bathroom, and it might be even more comfortable than you thought possible.

When It Comes To The Sink, Less Is More

Choosing a smaller sink is one of the surest ways to save space in your small bathroom. Vanity sinks are popular because of the storage they offer, but they also take up a lot of floor space. A wall mounted corner sink or a pedestal can open up this floor space and make your bathroom feel larger. If you rely on vanity storage you’ll need to find another storage solution, but the space you save may be worth the trade.

Soft Color Schemes Make A Small Room Feel More Open

One of the easiest “space creating” strategies in any room of the house is to utilize soft and light colors. Neutral or pastel hues can alter your perception of your bathroom’s size, creating the illusion of a larger space. You may worry that neutral colors will give your bathroom a bland feel, but this isn’t necessarily the case. You can always accent the room and give it a personal flair by using accessories with bold colors.

Forget Large Lighting Fixtures - Choose Recessed Lighting

Good lighting is an often overlooked aspect to making your bathroom a comfortable space. Upgrading your lighting fixtures will not only improve the mood of the room, but it can also help make your small bathroom feel more open. Avoid larger fixtures like chandeliers, as they will only make your bathroom feel more cluttered. Choose recessed lighting fixtures instead; these are fixtures that can be hidden in the ceiling, taking up less room. Not only will it create more open space, but its soft glow will also blur your bathroom’s boundaries, making it appear even larger.

Natural lighting is an even better choice than recessed fixtures. If possible, you may consider installing larger windows or even a skylight to allow as much natural light into your bathroom as possible.

Expand Your Mirror

When it comes to buying a new mirror for your small bathroom, go big! Combining a large mirror with your soft color scheme is a great way of giving the appearance of more space. Choosing a flat mirror for your wall rather than on a medicine cabinet or vanity will free up even more space, allowing your small bathroom to open up. A larger mirror can even allow two people to use it at a time, and in a small bathroom every extra inch is useful.

Maximize Space For Extra Storage

Your bathroom’s size doesn’t have to limit your storage options. There are many storage solutions you can use to save space in your small bathroom. Installing a built-in storage unit allows you access to your toiletries without taking up any space. Placing open shelving units above your toilet is another great option as it allows you more storage space without sacrificing any square footage. Another option everyone should consider is a recessed medicine cabinet behind their mirror. You can also utilize open shelves on your walls to take advantage of your bathroom’s vertical space.

We hope these 5 tips helped you get some ideas for remodeling your small bathroom. Here at Premiere Home Builders, we pride ourselves in helping you turn rooms like your bathroom into a space to be proud of. Call us today to plan your bathroom remodel and get a free quote.