5 Kitchen Remodeling Ideas to Consider to Avoid a Horror Story

So, you can hardly wait to begin your kitchen remodeling project with your new ideas. However, you've heard horror stories of many home redesign gone wrong, and you're determined not to be one of them. Don’t worry; our Tampa, Florida, home remodeling contractors won’t let you fall!

Fortunately, with have made many successful remodels. Therefore, we have proof that it's possible to accomplish the perfect kitchen remodeling without hitting any unwanted bumps en route.

Homeowners usually spend more cash on kitchen renovations than most other home improvement projects. People spend the money for a good reason. Kitchens are the center of many home memories, like throwing a first baby party and cake with the help of a party rental near me and a grandma recipe.

You might recuperate most of the kitchen renovation cost by the value it brings to a home. To guarantee you get a decent profit from your kitchen remodeling project without bumps or bruises, follow these five ideas:

Plan the Kitchen Remodeling Carefully

Planning your kitchen remodeling should take more time than the actual construction. If you plan the project well, you will limit the time you're inconvenienced by construction noise. Also, you're bound to stay on budget.

We suggest taking a few months to plan your kitchen remodeling. A pre-plan will help you stay on course during construction, as changing your mind will undoubtedly inflate your kitchen remodeling budget.

So, study your current kitchen layout. How wide is the entryway into your kitchen? It's a typical slip-up not measuring the door correctly. Buying the most oversized fridge to find out it can't get it in the entryway can be frustrating.

To prevent mistakes, make a drawing of your kitchen with measurements for entryways, walkways, counters, and so forth. Moreover, remember to measure the height; if your not up to the task, consider contacting an expert.

Pick the Right Appliances for your Kitchen Remodeling Layout

Homeowners often go overboard when planning a new kitchen. A commercial-grade burner and extravagant brand refrigerator may make a splendid look, but they may not be practical for your cooking needs or way of life. But if you have space go for it!

We use appliances like a kitchen and refrigerator as tools to cook and store food. Yet, your kitchen remodeling shouldn't be about the tools but the plan and usefulness of the entire kitchen.

Unless you’re a professional cook or will spend a lot of time in the kitchen, focus your investment dollars on features that add value, like wood cabinets and tile flooring.

Lighting Fixtures

kitchen light fixtures

Lighting can improve things significantly in a kitchen. It can make it look bigger and brighter. Also, it will help you cook safely and productively.

  • Consider adding under-cabinet lighting since cabinets make dark work areas. Furthermore, since you're remodeling your kitchen from scratch, it’s much simpler to hard-wire your lights.

  • Plan for multiple light fixtures to remove shadows.

  • Pendant lights are helpful for islands and different counters without low cabinets.

  • Recessed lights and track lights function admirably over sinks and general prep areas without any cupboards overhead.

Add Storage Not Space

Storage space won't ever become outdated so, here several ideas to add more:

  • Mount cupboards that reach the ceiling-These cabinets may cost more — and you may require a stepladder. However, you'll have crucial extra space for Chinaware and once-a-year items. Plus, you will not need to clean cabinet tops.

  • Hang it up-Mount small shelving units on unused wall spaces and inside cabinet entryways. Moreover, hang stock pots and enormous skillets on a ceiling-mounted rack and add hooks to the backs of closet doors for brooms and mops.

Discuss all the details with your Kitchen Remodeler

Discussing all the details with the contractor for kitchen remodeling is essential for staying on budget. To keep the pleasantness in your project:

  • Drop by the project during work hours: Your presence communicates your commitment to quality.

  • Build up a communication schedule: Hang a message board where you and the kitchen remodeling contractor can leave daily messages. Please give your email address and phone number to communicate quickly when something isn’t right or off easily.

  • Set house rules: Cab workers smoke inside, play music while they work, bathrooms for workers to use, and proper parking spaces.

  • Be thoughtful: Offer drinks and snacks, give praise when justified, and don’t hassle them with discussions, jokes, and questions when they are working. They'll work better when they’re permitted to focus on the job.