Best Small Bathroom Ideas

The best small bathroom ideas are best when form meets function, and you're encountering a pleasant atmosphere. Our home remodeling company can upgrade a bathroom from a straightforward, stylish refresh to a full-blown bathroom remodel. So often, after time, a tiny bathroom can feel small, cramped, and even dull. It is particularly evident when a few things you added reduced the size of the room instead of expanding it.

If your next bathroom project objectives are to change your little restroom layout and make a bigger one, our bathroom remodeling experts in Tampa can help. Our expert team has insight into bathroom remodelings of all types and sizes. So let’s see how we can make a small bathroom look bigger without changing the whole layout by trying out these upgrades.

Make the Best Small Bathroom Look Bigger by Updating the Shower Enclosure

You can try adding a clear glass frameless shower enclosure in the bathroom. The bathtub/shower combination part probably occupies the most room in the best small bathroom. Since small bathrooms have such a minute size and needed connections, there are just a few changes you can make without doing a full-blown restroom renovating project.

A clear glass enclosure typically makes the restroom look bigger since the eye can travel further. If you have adequate space, you could likewise think about a doorless shower. If you’re considering this upgrade, think about a couple of things: would the door open on a sliding track or pivot? When the door turns, will it open right or left?

Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile

Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Tile Upgrade

Homeowners can transform their bathrooms with a tile upgrade. New tile can add a new look with many colors, patterns, and size alternatives. The most effective method to make a small bathroom look bigger starts with tile ´placement.

Installing tile near the ceiling can play a significant part in making the bathroom look bigger. However, space can show up less cohesive when the view has numerous places to see or gaps between various materials.

Besides ceiling tile placement making a bathroom look more significant, size and color matter as well. Use an online showroom to picture how small tile designs and bigger ones may look in your space. Lighter tones will give a more airy feeling to your room. It is particularly significant when your missing natural light.

Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger with Shelving and Storage

Bathrooms need storage for excellent functioning! Simple access to everyday needs is significant. However, extensive storage alternatives in a small bathroom format can fill the space. Try to consider recessed shelving as it can wipe out the requirement for free-standing storage units.

You can also replace the vanity cabinet with a pedestal to make a bathroom look bigger. Before you do the upgrade, consider where those stored things will go. Remember, pedestal sinks give you more floor space and make your room look bigger, but your floor space will shrink. If you’re considering a more significant remodeling project in your future, numerous remodeling ideas can maximize storage and space.

Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger With Decor Choices

best small bathroom ideas

Likewise, you can play with decor to make a small bathroom look bigger if the above upgrades aren’t in your plan. Less is more since there is a slight difference between decorative accessories and clutter in a bathroom layout. Keep in mind the number of sink trinkets, the number of paintings on the wall, and if you have more than one rug on the floor.

Mirrors also increase the size and add the illusion of more space, and they additionally reflect more light into the room. Frameless mirrors also add a feeling of more space.

Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger With the Assistance of Local Remodeling Experts

Suppose you have a dream bathroom renovation, then great for you! However, when your vision is still up for discussion, contact a team of experts for help. Premiere Builders experts can make your best small bathroom ideas come true; contact us today.