Why Buy American Kitchen Cabinets Instead Of China Made for Remodels?

Yes, it’s a fact that Chinese cabinetry is less expensive than most American kitchen cabinets. Everybody likes a deal; however, you get what you pay regarding cheap cabinets for your new kitchen remodeling.

Nowadays, kitchen cabinets fabricated in China are rising because of their minimal expense and the simplicity of online ordering. However, while they cost less, they are likewise of much lower quality than American-built kitchen items.

The cheaper quality cabinets have more significant ramifications for your kitchen remodeling in Tamp, FL, in both the short and long term.

Let see why you should buy American kitchen cabinets instead of China-built items.

Focus on Kitchen Cabinet Materials

American Built kitchen-remodeling

The critical difference between the two is that American kitchen cabinets are made of particleboard or MDF, and Chinese cabinets are produced using plywood. It won't appear to be an essential detail, but one that can incredibly affect the quality of your cabinetry.

Chinese companies don't utilize plywood or also known as compressed wood since it's a top material—it's anything but quality. The makers use these items because they resist long travel abroad and need to endure moist or wet conditions without getting ruined. The drawback for homeowners is that plywood is made from thin layers of wood glued together. And is typically made with formaldehyde which can debilitate the glue. It is light, breaks easily, and can warp after some time.

The MDF used in American-built kitchen cabinets is produced using wax, resin, and wood fibers. It is denser than compressed wood, is of superior quality, and is a cheaper option than a more pricey strong wood. MDF benefits make the material more robust, tougher, will not warp, and has a smooth surface with no wood grain that is not difficult to paint and gives it a clean, finished look.

Be Careful of Environment Concerns

Remember, China lacks most environmental regulations that American-built kitchen cabinet manufacturers follow in the U.S. Maybe we should be suspicious of what chemicals and glues are utilized in the cabinets. Harmful and toxic materials have no place in your kitchen.

The TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act) and the PPA (Pollution Prevention Act) in the US monitor chemicals that present critical risks to human health or the environment. These regulations help guarantee that the final product you put in your house doesn’t contain toxic chemicals.

However, China has just started to propose regulations like these, and it's almost impossible to ensure they will enforce them. Until these regulations exist and are implemented, there is no assurance the chemicals that Chinese producers use to assemble kitchen cabinets are safe.

Since Chinese cabinets need to be stained—and without any regulations regarding chemical safety, it raises concerns over the safety of their stained items.

Consider these Kitchen Cabinet Details

American-built kitchen cabinets use pocket screws and paste, while Chinese-built cabinets use staples. The Chinese cabinet won't be as durable or sturdy as American-made cabinets.

When the expert remodeling company installs your kitchen cabinets, it is crucial to cut the cabinets on location to make an accurate fit. Because Chinese cabinets are mass-produced and not assembled correctly, they can be bigger or smaller than the intended size and may need adjustment. Because of how troublesome and messy it is to cut plywood, the installation process becomes more complex and regularly means the cabinets are prone to more damage.

It isn't a worry with the American-built cabinets; often, these items are specially made by smaller companies with greater quality control. What's more, if American kitchen cabinets need to be cut, the MDF they're made of makes it more straightforward and less messy, and the quality construction keeps them sturdy.

American Kitchen Cabinets give more extended Warranty

Most people remodel their kitchen every 20 years or a bit more. Yet, most of the cheap cabinets just have a five-year warranty or no warranty.

Usually, American-made kitchen cabinet brands stand behind their items with a lifetime warranty. Those more affordable Chinese cabinets will only save you cash at the initial investment. But if you need to replace them in a few years because of their lousy construction, it will cost you more in the end.

From the start, the American and Chinese kitchen cabinets may appear identical. Yet, with a touch of research and comprehension of their construction, you will know that American cabinetry is of better quality than their Chinese models.

In Conclusion

Please, do your research before investing in kitchen cabinets, and don't pick by cost alone. Read their site to see what they say about their materials, finishes, environmental standards and if they stand behind their product with a warranty. If possible, see material and cabinets in person.

If a kitchen remodeling project is in the books or still considering which type of kitchen cabinet to buy, please contact experts from Premiere Builders today.