The Cons of DIY Home Renovations South Tampa

You’ve seen them, before and after pictures of DIY home renovations in South Tampa. You’ve read about how easy it is to do an East Tampa full home renovation on your own. But maybe you have some doubts, too?

According to Sander-Solutions, approximately 13 million people are injured in the USA every year while repairing their homes. And 55,000 accidental deaths are because of negligent DIY practices.

DIY renovations can be tempting because of cost savings, but they also carry many risks that are not worth taking. We will discuss the cons of DIY for home renovations in this blog post!

Cons of DIY: Completion time

Home renovations require time to make important decisions. Often, you need to cover part of your home in plastic protection, or you cant use the kitchen and bathroom. However, what you want is a full home renovation that operates on the right schedule.

Home remodeling contractors can keep your scheduling straight; it’s their trade. They’ll keep the project running seamlessly as possible. And coordinate the movements of the other subcontractors, too, so you don't have to deal with plumbers or electricians.

Cons of DIY: Safety and Quality Control

ladder injuries

You do not have the skills, knowledge, or training to complete a renovation. Renovations must be completed by skilled professionals who can ensure safety and also guarantee high-quality workmanship. Without it, you could end up with unfinished projects like water damage or mold infestations.

It is unimaginable, but the ladder is the most dangerous tool, resulting in an estimated 193,815 injuries every year. When you do a DIY renovation, the ladder won't be the only tool you will use, for example, hammer, drills, and even electric saws.

You will Save Money on a DIY Home Renovation or Maybe Not?

The biggest pro to DIY home renovations is that they can save you money. You could purchase all of the tools and materials needed for a renovation at once, saving on the cost of purchasing them throughout your project. So, you can complete projects in stages, for example, renovating one room at a time instead of doing altogether.

However, there is also the possibility that you may lose money. For example, if your DIY home renovation project does not clear the inspection, you will need to do it over until it's done right. That costs time, patience, and money. In addition, a big disadvantage of DIY renovation, you may require to purchase tools that you will use only once, like a wet tile saw, drywall tools, a paint sprayer, etc.

When you hire a home remodeling contractor, they can save you money in many ways. Suppliers are granted savings from wholesale discounts, bulk discounts, or special savings since the professional is a regular customer.

Cons of DIY: Finding the Right Subcontractors

Just because you can hammer a 2x4 or drill a screw that doesn't mean it's over. You will still need to know about electrical outlets, lights, fire hazards, flooring, painting, and plumbing. So, you will still need to hire subcontractors, and they're not cheap. Even hiring a plumber can cost you $100 and up per hour.

If the do-it-yourself fan has prior construction experience, they may handle some of these tasks themselves without subcontractors. However, that might not always work out in their favor. DIY disasters happen when homeowners try something new like wiring, which can turn disastrous if a fire erupts.

Is a DIY Home Renovation right for you?

Professional home renovation

When you don't have the money or budget but have some knowledge in construction, a DIY renovation can work for you. However, DIY is not always a good idea for home renovations.

Hiring professionals for a full kitchen or bathroom renovation will help you keep on schedule.

You can hire professionals to help you with the renovation process, but make sure they are reliable and trustworthy. A full home renovation is best left up to those who have experience in construction—or rather, you should leave it up to Premiere Builders in South Tampa, Florida.