Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling–Which Should I Remodel First?

Congrats on your dream home, but now you have a limited amount of cash left over for a kitchen or bathroom remodel. However, which house remodeling in Tampa would it be a good idea for you to do first?

Remodeling the kitchen or a bathroom can have a significant effect on the way you live at home. Thus, it’s essential to pick the correct room to invest in for your requirements.

Both kitchen and bathroom renovation projects are challenging and, even, to a degree, pricey to accomplish, but we will share our top tips to help you pick the room to renovate first.

Is your Home Lacking Kitchen or Bathroom Space?

bathroom remodeling project

There is no correct answer. However, an incredible way to choose which room to renovate first is to assess what your house lacks. What is the home missing and not working in the house? First, consider putting your priorities before your desires. Then, you can trim down your list and start with the room with the most significant deficiencies.

If you love to throw house parties but have a small kitchen area, you might decide to focus on a kitchen remodel that permits you a space to entertain and cook like the best host around.

Now, if you are tired of using your small bathroom and want some ample space to relax alone in a hot tub, consider a Tampa Bay bathroom renovation.

Where do You and Your Family spend Most of the Time?

It’s an excellent tip to spend your money where you and your family spend most of their time kitchen or bath. For example, if you're single and like ordering food and relaxing in a bubble bathtub, a restroom renovation might be the best remodel for you. However, if you love cooking and making delicious dinners for your family, consider a kitchen remodel.

What do you require immediately, a kitchen or bathroom remodeling?

A bathroom might be a needed project for you if you have a lot of children. Moreover, if you have an older parent living with you or maybe disable, you might require added updates to make the bathroom more practical. For example, in your shower, you might require a walk-in shower that suites a wheelchair. Or you might need to install grab bars inside/outside the bathroom to assist with balance.

Remember, a bathroom project is often smaller than a kitchen, but the redesign won’t cost less or be easy to accomplish. Besides having cabinet/countertop, ceramic, flooring, and cupboards commonly found in the kitchen, you're likewise managing toilets, tubs, shower, shower entryway, mirrors, and more. Thus, a bath renovation can be pretty much as elaborate as a kitchen.

Bathroom and Kitchen Renovation Budget

Another factor in thinking about whether to do a kitchen or a restroom remodel is your budget. Working with the right remodeling company to more easily align your goals to your budget can assist with figuring out which project to do first.

When considering a home remodeling project, ensure the upgrades will add to the home's resale value. They are some ways or websites that can measure the return on investment of a kitchen- it can help you understand the asset better. For example, regarding a kitchen or bathroom remodel, specialists see Tampa kitchen remodeling over bathrooms as more successful for home resale as aesthetics since the kitchen is a more highly trafficked area. Likewise, remember that the kitchen is the room that most guests will see first when looking for another home.

While many factors can sway your opinions, the facts lean towards prioritizing your kitchen remodel before a restroom. Nonetheless, each home and every family needs are unique. The extraordinary thing about home improvement projects is that they don't ordinarily need to be done together.

By resolving any significant issues first and handling the rooms individually, you will finish those redesigns in better time. On the other hand, doing the kitchen and restroom remodels simultaneously could save you a lot more cash when hiring a reliable home contractor.

Finally, the renovation will depend on what project benefits you and your family the most. Usually, both remodels will significantly add to the value of your home.

Hire a Reliable Kitchen or Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

A decent option is to hire a house renovation contractor with skills that can assist you with making an excellent design for all of the projects you're thinking about.

Hiring a professional house contractor would keep you from regrets like doing one renovation and just realizing you should have done the other project.