Pros and Cons of Building Home Additions

You have a few options for building home additions to your home in Tampa. If you have a small house, the functionality of the home can become undermined.

You can extend a particular area, similar to a Tampa kitchen makeover or your master living room; construct a second story; or bump out with another room addition. Other times, you can take an unused basement or attic room and convert it into another room, office, or playroom.

Thus, if you're considering a home improvement with an excellent ROI, it pays to think about a home remodeling in Tampa. However, consider having the proper information before you invest your hard-earned cash; think about the pros and cons of home additions.

Pros of Building Home Additions

There are many excellent reasons to expand your home with building home additions, including:

You can add square footage without moving or buying a new home. Moving can be expensive and tedious, so working on your current house design means you don't need to consider moving ever again.

You will stay in the neighborhood you love. When you move to a new house, you're not ensured to get a larger place in your love area. A significant home remodel can help you stay home.

Additions increase the value of your home. For example, the more square footage your property has, the more appealing your home is to future buyers when you consider selling it.

You can keep your home’s top features. Possibly your home has a breathtaking kitchen, incredible curb appeal, or a large living room with a fantastic view. A home addition will give you more space without surrendering those things.

No more home loans. If you need more square feet and move, you'll need a new home loan. But, if you stay to build your room addition, you don't have to go through that hassle of getting another loan.

Cons of Building Home additions

Yes, adding more space to your current house can be smart, there are some cons to consider too:

Often, a return on investment is not guaranteed. Any renovation project brings the risk that you will not get the return on investment back. It remains valid for home addition since many variables come to play.

You will lose your home outside space. Regardless if you're adding a bedroom or building a two-story addition, the more you grow, the less outdoor space you'll have. If you don’t have much room to start with, you might find that the new addition ate most of your patio or backyard space. When you have a few children, this is a considerable concern.

You will live in a construction zone for some time. A significant renovation like a home addition needs some time. If you choose to do the project, consider the loud noises of machines, devices, tools, and people, dust, trash, and the issue of having the contractor team all through your home always.

4 Types of Home Additions

kitchen remodeling addition

Room Addition

Room additions are the best ways homeowners can expand their homes. It permits homeowners to add square footage to a home. Examples of room additions include adding a suite bathroom and walk-in closet to the master bedroom.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

If your family appreciates spending time outside, you might consider adding outside living space to your property. Best of all, outside living space can be entirely customized to fit your budget, the size of your property, and your lifestyle needs.

You can add French or install patio doors or make an intricate deck with seating and even amenities like an outside kitchen or hot tub. Outside remodels and additions will usually provide a high return on investments (ROI) as families keep looking for indoor and outdoor living balances.

Kitchen or Bathroom Additions

People usually see Kitchens and bathrooms as excellent property investments. These areas are utilized daily for many activities to be helpful, comfortable, and inviting. However, when your bathroom or kitchen is too tiny or cramped, it lowers the convenience of the actual space and sabotages the value of your home.

To avoid issues, consider a bump-out addition which usually adds a few needed square feet to a bathroom and more square feet to a kitchen. While that might appear to be a small amount of space, it affects how the room looks, feels, and works.

Build a Second Story

For a significant home addition, consider building a second story onto your home. It requires a lot of planning with a home builder or contractor that knows your local building codes and permits. Yet, this project permits you to reinvent your home. You can use the second story for your master bedroom, add a few rooms, an office, a playroom, or anything you desire.