5 Reasons to Have a Roof Inspection Before Hurricane Season?

It is significant that homeowners do a roof inspection to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season that will bring high destruction. Florida has seen more hurricanes than other US states in recorded history. So, when the experts forecast a storm for your region, homeowners should be ready for anything Mother Nature throws, literally.

The rooftop is vulnerable as it is the main line of defense against hurricane rain, hail, and wind. Luckily, there are ways you can prepare your roof for a storm to limit the damage.

In this article, our Tampa roof inspection experts will provide tips to help prepare rooftops for hurricane season.

What Damage Can Hurricanes Cause your Roof?

hurricane roof damage

Wind Damage-It's insane how something you cannot see can cause lots of damage. Hurricane winds in Tampa Bay areas can destroy rooftops. Wind can cause damage in many ways, for example:

  • Blow off the roof or rooftop accessories

  • Tossing objects and projectiles onto your rooftop

  • Tearing equipment out of your roof

Water Damage-When a storm carries high winds, water and hail are also nearby. Whenever wind causes your rooftop system damage, there are areas for water to enter your property. Water and flooding can cause issues to your insulation, structure integrity, and your property inside.

1. Get a Roof Inspection

Like checking on your insurance policy before the storm, a roof inspection is an essential precaution while preparing for the hurricane season. Roofing contractors in Tampa specialists have experience and knowledge with knowing the strengths and weaknesses of roofs. Their expertise will go far appropriately preparing you and your home.

A roofing contractor in Tampa expert will inspect the entire rooftop. Specifically, they will check whether the membrane has any rips or deteriorations and that all weatherproofing materials are rightly secured. Besides checking for leaks and punctures, they will likewise ensure any gear is immovably mounted and you have the gutters clear.

The cost of a rooftop inspection can fluctuate—from free to a few hundred dollars. However, the sum you pay upfront won’t matter what you would pay if your home had not inspected before sustaining damages. Homeowners should think about two inspections: one before and one after the hurricane.

2. Cut or Trim Trees close to the Roof and Property

Hurricane winds can annihilate buildings and toss objects against walls. Therefore, I believe a storm can throw those tree branches that loom over your property towards your building?

About a month before hurricane season starts, check the trees near your building and identify potential dead, broken, or larger than average trees and tree branches. Hurricane winds and particularly gust can easily tear trees from their roots and throw branches like twigs.

3. Proceed with Regular Roof Inspection and Maintenance

A well-maintain roof is a terrific method to be proactive. Hiring the best roofing contractors in Tampa to provide roof maintenance to our rooftop is the best approach to ensure that your roof is prepared to face approaching storms.

Regular maintenance can get rooftop issues before they deteriorate, saving you cash and preventing future mishaps.

4. Clear Gutters and Drains

clean roof gutters and maintenance

We talked about how water during and after a storm can cause significant damages to your property. Cleaning and ensuring your gutters are clear is fundamental since your gutter system takes water from your roof to the ground.

When your home has clogged gutters, the backed-up water will sit on your rooftop, and the likelihood of water entering your property will increase.

5. Stay up with the properties Home Insurance and Warranties

When a storm goes through your region, the aftermath tends to be turbulent. You can prepare well by having all of your documentation organized and in a safe and easily found place.

Documentation to keep guarded:

  • Any warranties.

  • Insurance documentation.

  • Before photos of the insured items and home.

  • Contact information for building contractors in Tampa, insurance companies, and other essential contacts.

Remember, when hurricane season comes along, protecting family members is the most significant. With a well-made preparation plan, you don't need to worry over your roof during a storm.

Contact our home remodeling contractors in Tampa, FL experts today to assess and prepare your roof for the impending hurricane season.